Roth Aviation Medical Services is the only FAA Medical Examiner
located on the KSAV airport premises. Dr. Roth and Angel Moore
CAA offers aviators and air traffic controllers decades of experience
to assist them in their medical certification requirements.


Our Services

Unparalleled availability and after hours communication open to all of our clients
Decades of combined office staff experience the FAA Aviation Medical Certifications
Laboratory (blood work) ordering when necessary for some clients

FAA Medical Evaluation

We offer FAA medical evaluation medical classes.
First Class, Second Class, Third Class, Basic Med evaluations


We recommend all clients to account all their medications BOTH prescription and even over the counter medications and supplements. We advise our clients to also take advantage of the online google search of “FAA NO FLY MEDICATIONS” to review potential conflicts.

Exam Checklist

We recommend all clients to fill out the FAA MEDEXPRESS.
Please bring your comfirmation number.


      FAA Medical Certifications

All classes of FAA Medical Certifications 1st , 2nd and 3rd Class Medicals
Basic Med examinations and physician sign offs
Expert “one on one” consultations for airman needing assistance in navigating complexities of their application process

Our Staff

Richard S. Roth, MD

Richard S. Roth, MD Senior FAA Aviation Medical Examiner, Earned Board Certifications in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases, Inducted as a Fellow of the Civil Aviation Medical Association, Consultant to the National Transportation Board and FAA Medical Appeals Branch in Washington DC

Angel L. Moore, CAA

Angel L. Moore, CAA Ms. Moore is a Certified AME Associate with two decades of experience. She has had nursing roles in and outside the hospital environment. Her sole focus has centered on assisting the aviation community in their application process and follow up required for deferments.

Our Location

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We Provide FAA Aviation Medical Examiner Services