FAA Medical Examinations

We offer FAA medical evaluation medical classes.
First Class, Second Class, Third Class, Basic Med evaluations

We offer All medical evaluations.

  • Air traffic Controller Examinations
  • Flight Engineer Examinations
  • Flight Attendant Examinations


The duration of your FAA Medical Certification primarily depends on the type of certificate you have obtained (First Class FAA Medical, Second Class FAA Medical, or Third-Class FAA Medical) and most importantly, your age.

If you are:

  • Under the age of 40, both First-class and Second-Class certificates are valid for 12 months while the Third-class certificate is valid for 60 months.
  • Of the Age 40 and over, then the First-Class certificate will be valid for 6 months, the Second-Class Certificate for a year (12 months), and the Third Class for 2 years (24 months).

Roth Aviation Medical Services can provide FAA Medical Exams for ALL classes of FAA Aviation Medical Certifications. Every type of airman certificate is completely valid until the very last day of the month that it is issued by the FAA Aviation Medical authorities at OKC in the US.

You must remember that when a certificate of higher class expires, it automatically reverts to the lower-class certificate for the rest of the remaining duration, dependent on your age.

For example, a pilot over the age of 40 who has a First-Class certification that expires after 6 months, his/her certificate will revert to a Second-Class certification for the rest of the remaining 6 months and after that to a Third-Class certificate for the remaining 12 months. The designated FAA Medical Examiner will be the person evaluating your submissions and reports even after you’ve submitted them.


Any applicant could apply and might be granted any class of airman medical certification if the applicant meets all the required medical standards for that specific class of medical certificate and clears the FAA Medical Examination procedure. Although, an applicant should have the appropriate and valid class of medical certificate for the flying duties the pilot intends to exercise.

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