Professional Consultation

Can’t decide what class/type of certificate you need? Not clear what will happen when your first-class certification turns into second-class? Thinking to get your certification renewed? Applying for the certification first time? Dr. Roth provides professional AME consultation services that will help you in gaining your desired FAA certification, while also offering vital FAA AME Medical Consultation is imperative in obtaining your FAA certification and keeping it for those with complexities in the application process.

Roth Aviation Medical Services is now conveniently located on the Sheltair Aviation KSAV campus on the Savannah Airport grounds. Our unparalleled FAA AME Medical Consultation service ensures fast submission of all your records while close monitoring of individual case progress.

Many corporate, private pilots, airline captains, and aerospace medicine physicians reach out to Roth Aviation Medical Services. Dr. Roth as a Senior FAA AME provides confidential and personalized aerospace medicine answers along with accelerated FAA Medical Certification assistance.

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We Provide FAA Aviation Medical Examiner Services